Japanese Players in Serie A (Part 1)

When I first started this blog just under a month ago I was unsure what to expect in terms of people visiting the site, I was unsure if anyone would even read my material.  Yesterday saw the 1,000th visitor to itbeganin1992. 

I have no idea how this weighs up in comparison to other blogs but no matter which way you (I) look at the numbers it is a nice milestone to reach.

I’ve really enjoyed writing the articles that have been uploaded so far, still early days, both the tips and support received from more experienced bloggers have been welcomed with open arms.  With this in mind I was delighted to receive an email from Jonathan at Just Football today, explaining that the first of two parts of my article on Japanese players in Serie A has been uploaded:


Writing about Vieira, Ronaldo and Nakata this past week has brought back some fantastic memories for me.  It has really made me think about my all time XI, perhaps that may be an idea for a future post…

First things first, make sure you check out my article at the link above and have a trawl round the rest of the footballing treasure trove which is Just-Football.com.

A big thank you to Jonathan for making this happen.


  1. I was very interested in reading your article “Japanese Players in Serie A (Part 1)” and thank you for mentioning Nagatomo, my favorite player.
    I look forward to reading “Part 2” soon.

    • Thank you for the positive comment,i’m glad you enjoyed the article.
      For regular updates add me on twitter @itbeganin1992.

  2. Well done to itbeganin1992 on reaching 1,000 hits and here’s to many more thousands in future. Keep up the good work in future, the blog has certainly made a promising start. Well done!

    Jonathan (Just-Football.com)

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