It Began In 1992

It began in 1992; A doff of the cap for the advent of The Premier League and also an ironic musing that there really was football before this behemoth of the modern game came to the fore.

The Premier League has become the be all and end all of the English game, so much so that the playoff final which brings the curtain down on The Championship season is known as ‘the richest match in football’. The winner of this match reaching the higher echelons of the top flight, netting a cool £40m in the process. This without mentioning parachute payments which can reach up to £48m over four seasons even if the club is relegated after only one season in The Premier League.

Following the dark period of the 80’s it was the England team reaching the semi final of World Cup Italia ’90 that reignited the nations love for football, however it is The Premier League which has built upon this and encapsulated support from all corners of the globe.

Premier League matches are transmitted in 211 countries around the world with an estimated 575m homes receiving these broadcasts with no sign of the leagues reach dwindling. It is little surprise that many of the top flight clubs embark on pre season tours overseas to try and capitalise on the lucrative commercial gains that can be obtained from being affiliated with The Premier League.

Since The Premier Leagues inception in 1992 it has had the pleasure of hosting a plethora of talent both individually and collectively. From Arsenal to Wolverhampton Wanderers, Aston Villa to Wimbledon a total of 44 teams have graced the league with their presence, 4 of these teams having been crowned as champions. On an individual level fans have been blessed with being entertained by some of the greats of the modern game, listing them all would be like writing a who’s who of world football – from Asprilla, Bergkamp and Cantona to Tevez, Vieira and Zola.

With this being the first post from It Began In 1992 the aim is to keep it short and sweet, the above was intended to provide an insight into the choice of name for this blog and indeed its first entry.

Although this blog will predominantly speak about The Premier League, expanding on some of the topics touched upon in the previous few paragraphs (in particular the individual and collective brilliance that makes the league the greatest in the world), it will also focus on all things football both on these shores and abroad from the top flight down.

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  1. Many things changed the face of football in the 90’s which contradicts the fact that a man, if he were human, by the name of Maradona, changed football by himself in the 80’s.

    I love the idea behind the blog. Keep up the good work, especially after I skimmed through the Ajax series.

  2. Good day, Fantastic site, where did you come up on the details in this summation? Im glad I discovered it though, I’ll be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

    • Hi, thank you for your positive comment.
      The information on the site comes from a variety of sources.
      Please check out my latest post which was put up today.

  3. I’ve been here a few times and it appears like your articles get more informative every time. Keep it up I enjoy reading them.

    • Alica, thank you for your positive words.
      There is a new post up today, please check it out!

  1. January 23rd, 2011

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